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Happy Customers

I purchased the XL and it fit great. It really holds you in and makes your dresses look very uniformed if you have a tummy.

You can also wear it under your jeans if your jeans are roomy. It takes some effort to put on and take off but it is worth it to look great. I purchased the nude because black tends to push heat. The back portion is see through when you put it on. Other than I have no issues with the product so far. 

I am usually very sceptical of gadets that claim to ba able to ease my chronic neck pain. This product is all it says and more.

The ease with which the massager allows me to apply deep pressure to my neck has made it possible to do multiple times a day. I am having an easing of my neck pain for the first time in years. I have been recommending it to everyone I know who has neck pain!

This is an amazing product for shedding and non shedding dogs!!

We got 2 Golden Doodles, litter mates, and it's very funny that one got the shedding fur of the Golden Retriever, and the other got the hypoallergenic non shedding fur of the Doodle. These gloves did a wonderful job at helping us groom both the dogs!!! And to remove the hair from the glove, all I did was run my hand backwards (from fingers to wrist) a few times which really did a great job! I'm totally recommending this to my friends!!

---P. L. Gerleman about Hirundo® Pet Hair Remover Glove

First let me say that I almost NEVER write product reviews, but feel like I would really like to write one for these Pet Grooming Gloves.

We have two hairy, senior, sister German Shepherd dogs. Lots of dog hair to be had - it seems that just looking at them makes hair fly off of them. Regular grooming with the Furminator removes a lot of hair but the dogs will only tolerate its use on their backs and sides, due to tender arthritic joints and generalized soreness from aging. So, I thought I would give this product a try - and what a difference ! ...

--- Chelsea V. about Hirundo® Pet Hair Remover Glove

I've tried them all...brushes and combs and gloves. These gloves are amazing! They do work, and with efficient speed.

I knew if I looked around long enough I'd find the perfect solution. I need look no further. The nubs are a little longer and farther spaced that on other gloves I've tried. Your pet gets a deeper massage, and the hair doesn't need to be pulled off of the glove surface. I really don't know what else to add. I think you can probably tell I'm thrilled.

My cat loves these. I just adopted a Maine Coon with very long hair that is causing her some issues. Received these Sunday afternoon and tried them out.

She was a little timid about them at first, but now she loves them. After coming home from work and getting dinner, etc. she hops upon the ottoman, lays herself out and waits for her nightly brushing. The nice thing about them is they fit my hands closely so it makes brushing easy. It also removes large amounts of hair which I am sure she appreciates. Really a great gift for your cat.