Solution Welding Flux-Cored Rods (30PCS)

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🎉Solution Welding Flux-Cored Rods🎉

  • The easy-to-melt welding rods are high-quality special rods that are mainly used for welding / brazing aluminum and aluminum alloys. However, they can also be used for hard welding non-ferrous metals other than stainless steel.
  • Recommended for welding aluminum alloys: 1060, 1350, 3003, 3004, 3005, 5005, 5050, 6053, 6061, 6951, 7005 and cast alloys 710.0 and 711.0
  • Applications include cargo areas, loading ramps, docks, diamond plates, irrigation lines, engine blocks, gearboxes, etc.
  • Prepared for small repairs. For repairs that would compromise safety if they are not repaired, we recommend replacing the parts completely instead of repairing them.
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The best technology

Why Welders, Mechanics, & Household Handymen are calling Solution Welding Rods "The Strongest, Fastest, and Easiest Aluminum Fabrication or Parts Repair– no expensive equipment required.

Does The Impossible.Makes a sound joint with slight penetration to base metal that is stronger than mild steel. Join thick or thin parts with a 45,000 lb tensile strength.

Extreme Performance. By Design.Solution Welding Rods are engineered to easily flow under a very low working temperature to ensure fast application to your project with minimal distortion.

From Amateur To Pro.Regardless of your prior experience, anyone can weld aluminum without the need for expensive equipment like welding machines. All you need is a simple propane torch and some easy welding rods.

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Discovery Package

Solution Welding Flux-Cored Rods (10 PCS)

Solution Welding Flux-Cored Rods (10 PCS)

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Solution Welding Flux-Cored Rods (30 PCS)

Solution Welding Flux-Cored Rods (30 PCS)


RETAIL $49.98 USD (SAVE $24.99 USD)

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Solution Welding Flux-Cored Rods (50 PCS)


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Happy Customers Love Solution Welding Flux-Cored Rods

Claire Nobes

"Highly recommended"

This is a perfect purchased for my work.Very fast to learn how to operate.Easy-to-use, strong, and great value rods!I would buy again if necessary. Practice slowly, do it several times more, you will be more skilled.


"Fast delivery, Thank you."

Receive the goods very quickly, the things are very good.It worked very well.All you need to do is, Follow the Instructions. This was so simple that even I got it right on the first try! Practice on some scrap so you get accustomed to the heat placement and need.

Jeremy Olson

"Everything perfect."

Logistics is delivered on time, and tools work.They are for a gift.
My family like it very much. The goods are very good. No more! This is pretty awesome!100% recommended!

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Product Specification

Material: aluminum

Melting temperature: <480 ° C (896 ° F)

No leakage of gases or toxins, no lead material included.

Excellent corrosion resistance

Minimize the distortion of the starting material during welding.

Size: 50cm x 1.6mm. ( According to the manual measurement, there may be a subtle deviation. )